Dear All

Border information

Tourists entering Denmark are no longer subject to a minimum stay requirement and will no longer have to show documentation of a 6-night booking. If a tourist wishing to enter shows clear signs of sickness, for example a cough, fever, or similar, they will not be allowed to cross the border.

You can read more about how to cross the border to Denmark here: Travelling to Denmark

On the campsite all buidings are open, but there is som restriktions for how many people are alowed inside in all budings. In the swimmingpool there is only alowed 15 people at the same time, and is only allowed to stay inside in 1 hour.

Only our steam sauna and the normal sauna is closed at this time.

Click to read VisitDenmark’s full statement in your language: English. Deutsch, Norsk, Svenska, Nederlans.

We hope we all get well over and past the covid-19 virus.

Stay well, best regards

Ruth & Henrik Kragh

Lærkelunden Camping