Dear All

As of Saturday 14th March 2020 the Danish Government has closed the borders of Denmark, in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

From June 15 2020, tourists from Germany, Norway and Iceland are allowed to return to Denmark and must show documentation of a valid booking on their arrival. This booking must be for a stay taking place outside the capital Copenhagen (Copenhagen Municipality and Frederiksberg Municipality) and must last at least six nights.  Tourists are allowed to visit Copenhagen but their stay must be outside it.

For all other countries, the border closure is in operation until August 31. Borders may reopen earlier for Sweden and Finland.

The Danish Goverment have made a plan how Denmark can open again, this plan have and impact on our campsite. We are not allowede to open our inddoor swimmingpool, fitnessroom, sauna and playhouse before the Fase4 off the plan, and this is in the beginning off August. How the Plan will go depends on how the spread of the virus is going. 

Here the campsite is open for our danish guests. But there is restrictions because of the virus.

Click to read VisitDenmark’s full statement in your language: English. Deutsch, Norsk, Svenska, Nederlans.

We hope we all get well over and past the covid-19 virus.

Stay well, best regards

Ruth & Henrik Kragh

Lærkelunden Camping