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History center Dybbøl Banke

We are in the dramatic year 1864, when Denmark was at war with two of Europe's great powers – Prussia and Austria. The war was decided with the attack on the Dybbøl position on 18 April 1864, and Denmark suffered defeat and had to cede Holstein, Lauenborg and Schleswig.

It all took place on and around Dybbøl Banke, where today there is a large history centre. Here you can discover the exciting stories yourself, and go to the very places where Danes and Prussians fought each other. You can both see and feel the real equipment, and experience people dressed as in 1864 while they tell their stories.

Get the story of this man-made social disaster, where Danes and Germans fought for what they each thought was a just cause. And from there look into the future that awaited them.



Immediately north of the old Hedeby near Schleswig is a cluster of houses that look like ships turned upside down. The Hedeby Museum, run by Gottorp Castle, was established in 1985 and contains many of the objects that have been excavated in Hedeby. The exhibition gives a good impression of the different crafts, housework, building style etc.

of the time

In the so-called Viking ship hall, there is the wreck of a partially burned out Viking warship, which was found where Hedeby's harbor was located, and which has now been rebuilt.

A museum visit and a walk in the old Hedeby is definitely an experience for both children and adults.



Not so far from Lærkelunden is Krusmølle, south of Aabenraa. They are open Wednesday – Sunday, the oasis in the green – as it is called – is always worth a visit! Here you will find e.g. a nice café that, among other things, offers a really delicious brunch, lunch, working workshops and applied art.

Krusmølle is believed to date back to Duke Hans' time, in 1521-1580. The mill has an exciting and action-packed history that includes a fire.

During the year they also offer various events at the mill. Among other things, concerts, food events, various tastings, pig races, canoeing, and treasure hunts for the youngest children. All in all, Krusmølle is a lovely place to visit.


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