Throughout the season apart from week 28 to week 31 there is a senior discount. Price is per. day for 2 adults where one is over 60 years, on a standard pitch incl. power but the price for the place is extra. Seeview and Panoramaplaces can be choosen, but the extra price must be paid.

4-6 nights:   Euro: 27,45 per night + price for the place

7-10 nights: Euro: 25,52 per night + price for the place

11-14 nights: Euro: 23,45 per night + price for the place

14+ nights: Euro: 22,07 per night + price for the place

The Price in 2020 for the place is:

Season A: 29/5-1/6, 3/7-2/8:    Euro: 16,55
Season B: 20/5-24/5, 26/6-3/7, 2/8-9/8:    Euro: 11,03
Season C: 8/4-13/4, 7/5-10/5, 24/5-29/5, 1/6-26/6, 9/8-30/8, 9/10-18/10:    Euro: 5,52
Season D: 1/4-18/10 outside of Season A, B und C:    Euro: 1,38

You can also book this online, you just have to pay dhe deposit and we will correct the prices after how long you stay, when you arrive.