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Gråsten Castle

Gråsten Castle and Slotshave are beautifully located just 10 minutes from Lærkelunden. Surrounded by the South Jutland nature with forest and lake, the castle is definitely worth a visit, both for families and young adults. Many guests enjoy the many walking routes around the castle.

Gråsten castle dates from 1759 and is the successor to several castles that have been on the site since the 16th century. Over the years, it has been extensively used as a summer residence for several of the royals - especially King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. This is also one of the reasons why the castle is unfortunately not open to the public.

On the other hand, the castle church and garden are open and definitely worth a visit. The church is beautifully decorated with many beautiful details, and the garden as well - and that's regardless of what season you come by.


Sønderborg Castle

Sønderborg Castle is less than half an hour's drive from Lærkelunden, and is therefore an obvious destination for families with children as well as adults or young campers..

The history of the castle is supposed to go all the way back to 1158, when supposedly have been founded by Valdemar the Great as a fortress tower. Over the centuries, the castle has been expanded and rebuilt, but in 1964-73 it was restored and brought back to the baroque appearance that was assigned to the castle by Frederik IV in the 1720s.

It is of course possible to see the castle from the inside via the many different exhibitions. There are both permanent exhibitions that you will always be able to find, as well as changing exhibitions and fun activities depending on the season. The works of local artists can often be found at Sønderborg Castle. If you're lucky, a guided tour is also offered when you come by.


Gottorp Castle

Gottorp Castle is built on an island in Slien a little west of the center of Schleswig. The castle was originally the bishop's castle, but from 1268 it passed to the Duke of Schleswig. Christian I took over the castle in 1559. Frederik I and Christian III expanded it further. The Dukes of Gottor lived in the castle in the period 1544-1713 and turned the castle into a cultural center with a unique library and art chamber.

The castle was Danish barracks in the period 1852-1864 and then German garrison. After the Second World War, the castle was used to house refugees and from 1947 for archive purposes and museums, i.a. art museum. In the old riding building immediately west of the main building, the Nydam boat is exhibited.


Glücksborg Castle

Glücksborg is one of the most important residential castles in Northern Germany, and definitely worth a visit when you are on holiday in Southern Jutland. Did you know that it takes less than 45 minutes to drive to Glücksborg from Lærkelunden?

The castle is marked by European history, and is also known as the seat of the dukes of the house of Schleswig-Holstein. Sometimes also as the seat of government for the Danish kings - all belonging to the old ancestral house Oldenborg.

The castle also functions as a museum, where you can explore the beautiful interior and the impressive building, which was built back in 1583-1587. There are often exciting events at the castle, such as counting Halloween, classical music and much more. All in all, there is a lot of exciting things for both children and adults.


The Old Church (Den Gamle Kirke)

The Old Church, St. Laurentius, was consecrated in 1158 and is thus one of the country's 5 oldest churches.

The story is as long as the church is old. Great things will happen in and around the church. After the choir has been excavated, a new altar will be made.

The church has been very happy to receive 750.000 DKK from the A. P. Møller Foundation for the restoration of the paintings on the pulpit. The paintings depict the twelve minor prophets and have been covered up for centuries. Now they are coming into the light of day again.


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